BGN is glad you're here!  Reading is not only fundamental but it is an enjoyable adventure. BGN would like to continue that trend by providing resources for managing your book group, encouraging writing, promoting consistent reading and presenting published authors to readers. BGN will provide information, tools and a venue to promote your book group and network with book groups, authors and other enthusiastic readers. BGN will quarterly spotlight a book group and a book along with helpful tips. BGN will be your one-stop source to manage your book group, maintain your reading gallery and those important connections.

BGN is also a representation of life enrichment and promoting literacy. We will provide sources to assist you with maintaining an enhanced life balance that compliments your desire to read. BGN will always contribute to improving literacy with our children and adults. BGN will be connected with events and activities that encourage the development of Reading and Life Balance.

Join us, Read with us... become a member of 'BGN Connection' and take the adventure of a lifetime.  Membership is FREE!!


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How has your life changed in 2012?

Regardless of the direction your life has taken, STOP.....Re-evaluate your life - What needs to change, What do you need to do differently, Who do you add to my personal circle and Who do you eliminate from my personal circle, then steadily focus on making those needed changes.  Do not forget reading is an important part of making any changes.  Reading provides knowledge to help with improvement and relaxing moments to mediate and redirecting your thoughts.

If you continue to do the same, you get the same.  Then do not complain.



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